Skip Hire

Skip Hire

Sandsfield offers a friendly reliable skip hire service to construction and commercial businesses and private clients at competitive rates. Skips are returned to the Sandsfield transfer station where we endeavour to achieve the highest level of recycling.

We are very mindful of the environment and our staff, particularly when handling unknown materials. Therefore, we ask you, as you are legally responsible for the contents of the skip you hire, to also be mindful and considerate. Most waste is suitable for general purpose disposal, but we would ask you to notify us if there would be any hazardous materials you wanted to dispose of. These hazardous materials would include:-

  • Liquids - Oils, fuel, solvents, paint, aerosols and gas canisters
  • Electrics - Appliances, fridges, freezers, fluorescent light bulbs etc.
  • Coated Boards - Asbestos and Plasterboards
  • Automotive - Tyres, batteries and automotive fluids
  • Chemical - Hazardous materials

It is illegal to dispose other hazardous waste within general waste skip hire, as hazardous waste requires special treatment before it can be either recycled or disposed of.

To avoid wasted journey charges DO NOT OVERFILL, the contents of the skip should not exceed the height of the walls. Never set fire to the waste in your skip.

Our very experienced staff can drop skips at almost any location, if it is accessible by our vehicle.

Cost may vary with regards to the type of waste, time required, permits and lights, but phone 01964 542372 to get our best price from either Brandesburton, Elvington or Hull. We always endeavour to give you the best possible deal.

We can supply skips to Bridlington, Driffield, Beverley, Hornsea, Hull, York and surrounding areas.

Skip Sizes

We offer a large range of skips for hire, from our small industrial waste container to large professional construction containers. Skip sizes are usually referred to in cubic yards i.e. 4 yards - 20 yards etc.

4 Yard Skip

  Capacity Height Length Width
Imperial 4yd³ 3'2" 6' 4'3"
Metric 3.04m³ 0.97m 1.83m 1.29m

Approximately 30-40 bin bags.  

6 Yard Skip

  Capacity Height Length Width
Imperial 6yd³ 4' 8'6" 5'
Metric 4.6m³ 1.22m 2.60m 1.52m

Approximately 50-60 bin bags.  

8 Yard Skip

  Capacity Height Length Width
Imperial 8yd³ 4' 12' 5'6"
Metric 6m³ 1.22m 3.66m 1.68m

Approximately 60-80 bin bags. 

16 Yard Skip

  Capacity Height Length Width
Imperial 16yd³ 6'5" 13'8" 6'
Metric 12.20m³ 2.00m 4.20m 1.84m

Approximately 120-140 bin bags.  

20 Yard Skip

  Capacity Height Length Width
Imperial 20yd³ 4'3" 20' 7'9"
Metric 15.30m³ 1.30m 6.10m 2.40m

Use for professional light industrial. 

40 Yard Skip

  Capacity Height Length Width
Imperial 40yd³ 8'2" 20' 7'9"
Metric 30.60m³ 2.51m 6.10m 2.40m

Use for large clearance on professional sites.