Communities Fund

The Landfill Communities Fund is an initiative set up to allow landfill operators to contribute to local community projects. Local groups can apply for money from this fund for projects that will help the community or the local area.

Projects can be put forward by environmental organisations, local authorities, community groups and individuals. All projects must be within 10 miles of the Sandsfield landfill site at Brandesburton, and fall into 3 main categories:

  • to provide or maintain public amenities or parks;
  • for the protection of the environment and the conservation/promotion of biological diversity on land or water;
  • to restore or repair buildings for religious worship, or of architectural or historical interest (grade 2* or above).

To promote a shift to more environmentally sustainable methods of waste management, a tax on landfill was introduced in 1996. Landfill operators may donate a certain percentage of this tax to the fund.

Sandsfield contributes to this fund, and are partnered with Mondegreen Environmental Body Ltd. Please visit their website for more information about the Landfill Communities Fund.